Adult Ministries

Discipleship is one of our four core priorities and we seek to encourage this by offering a wide variety of different adult studies and fellowship throughout the week.

  • Monday Ladies Quilting Group (1pm-4pm)

        • For more information, call Erma at 402-417-9974

  • Tuesday Morning Women's Study (1:30pm-2:30pm) - "Meeting the Spirit" (On Zoom)

        • For more information, call Suzanne at 402-432-9319

  • Wednesday Morning Women's Study (9am-11am) - "Matchless" by Angie Smith (At The Cove)

  • Wednesday Evening Women's Study (6pm-7pm) - "Learning to Practice Key Christian Virtues" (At Church)

  • Wednesday Evening Women's Fellowship (6pm-7pm) - Women's Bible Discussion (At Church)

  • Wednesday Evening Men's Study (6pm-7pm) - Revelation Book Study (At the parsonage)

  • Thursday Prayer Meeting (11am-12pm) - Open to everyone (At Church)